How We Work


“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, provides you with a successful result.” – Unknown

Rolf Schroeder General Contractors, Inc. has developed an approach to make your project a smooth journey from the first moment of contact to the final completion. You can expect creative ideas, detailed specifications, precise planning, scheduling, and exceptional project management.

Regardless whether your project is large or small, every project starts with our complimentary consultation meeting at your home. During this visit, we will carefully listen to your ideas and vision. We will make recommendations based upon your vision, architectural style, and feasibility. 

Every project requires some level of planning and/or design. Straightforward projects, such as windows, doors, flooring, painting, etc. may only require a visit to your home to discuss your projects, gather information and take measurements to prepare a proposal with specifications and project costs. 

Other projects, such as kitchens, bathrooms, additions, basements, outdoor living spaces, etc. require additional planning and designing to properly prepare designs, specifications, selections, and project costs. To achieve this, a Developmental Agreement is established outlining your vision, planning stages, your comfortable level of investment, and our probable costs.

Consultation Meeting

Our design process begins with good communication. We will meet you at your home to discuss and review your project. Our conversation will be focused on your ideas for the project, as well as our suggestions. The only decision you will need to make at the end of our first meeting is whether Design/Build is right for you. Should you choose to move forward, a second meeting will be scheduled at our office or your home to approve the Developmental Agreement.

Developmental Agreement

The Developmental Agreement will include your visions and goals for the project. We will also provide our Contractor's Projected Cost (CPC), based upon the Scope of Work required and our experience with similar projects. If your budget falls within the CPC range (+/- 20%), you may choose to sign the Developmental Agreement, at which time we will require a retainer fee. The fee will be based upon the detail of work and time required to design the project and assist in making selections.

Design Phase

Once the Developmental Agreement is approved, we will visit your home to take exact measurements and photographs of the project area. Once this is completed, we will begin designing your project using CAD (computer aided design). Upon completion, a presentation with floor plans will be provided to help you visualize your new project.


After the design phase, we will schedule appointments and arrange for you to meet our designers at various showrooms to complete your selections. We will assist in making your material selections and bring all the finishes together.

Final Design and Construction Contract

A final design, including floor plans and elevations, will be completed. In addition, we will provide you with a comprehensive Construction Contract including detailed specifications, selections, costs, terms, and a payment schedule.

For more a more detailed look at our process, download our helpful PDFs:

At Rolf Schroeder General Contractors, Inc., we are looking to build not only a rewarding project, but also a life-long client.

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